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Coaching is the guidance of a person with a request/concern, with the aim of helping him/her/them reflect, become more aware, decide and deploy an action plan that meets the objectives that he/she/they will have set for him/herself/themselves. The coach serves as a source of light that will allow enlightening, reveal the unique potential of each person, allow that person to have a clear vision of his/her/their own situation, and support them in the path they will have chosen in a conscious, self-determined and responsible way. Coaching is a collaborative partnership, carried out in a caring framework. In short, I help you identify where you want to go and accompany you to find out how to get there.

There are many reasons, both personal and professional, why people at some point in their lives feel the need for coaching. We are the same person, at work and in our private lives, so it is likely that the same aspects will be found in different contexts.

I focus my coaching on the development of emotional intelligence. "To be" is just as important as "to know" and "to do" to reach an objective. The development of emotional intelligence allows you to become self-aware and aware of the Other, to better manage your emotions and your relationships with others.

Equipped with various tools, I accompany you in this direction, with the aim of assisting you skillfully connect to your emotions and create a positive impact on others.

Emotional intelligence includes

1- Self Awareness, which is the ability to understand our emotions, recognize their influence, and use them to guide our decisions.

2- Self Management, which consists of controlling one's emotions and impulses and adapting to changing situations.

3- Interpersonal Intelligence, which includes the ability to notice, understand and respond to the emotions of others.

4- Relationship Management, which is the ability to inspire and encourage the development of others and to manage conflict (Goleman, 1998).

Emotional intelligence helps develop self-reliance in managing stress and boredom, resilience, active listening, conscious communication, empathy and compassion, motivation, adaptability, creativity and concentration, clarity in decision-making, positivity, assertiveness, and improved human connections, among other elements.

Emotional intelligence is ranked in the top 10 2022 thought-after skills, by the World Economic Forum in its Future of Jobs report. In the business world physical strength came first, then intellectual capability. In tomorrow's economy, the ability to collaborate will be paramount (French article “Quand les entreprises embaucheront des cœurs”). According to Yale University "Emotionally intelligent bosses make for happier, more creative employees". Furthermore, the World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030 depression will be the greatest cause of human suffering in the world.

Working on oneself is an opportunity to become and stay positive, optimistic, powerful, and grounded and to work better together. The development of emotional intelligence and therefore mental health allows one to reach the body-brain-heart balance necessary for individual and collective well-being in companies and in one's daily life.

Company managers are equipped to respond to the transformation of the business world, and the challenges associated with the future of work, to make leadership evolve from the top down, to leadership from the inside out. It is just a matter of accessing it within, and that can be learned!

With the presence and questioning of the coach and the space created in a empathetic, authentic, warm, and professional collaborative relationship, the coaching process creates, for the coachee, an opportunity to reflect with self, an opportunity to hear and listen to self, mentally and through the body's sensations. A pause, in the present moment, to clear one's thoughts, refocus on one's needs, priorities, and next steps, and connect with what is truly important.



  • Making a difficult decision: being fully aware of my choices, connecting to myself without judgment, finding my own answer within with harmony, setting my intention, visualizing and implementing the action plan freely and creatively.

  • Managing conflictual relationships, better communicating with others: discovering my triggers, managing and regulating my emotions, knowing how to formulate my needs, feelings, and requests with the "I", developing active listening and presence, developing empathy, being at ease with silence, cultivating my connection to others.

  • Evolving in my professional career: clarifying my authentic objective, my needs, identifying my success criteria and obstacles, my resources and the means to implement, to reach my objective.

  • Better living in a period of transition (professional transition, phase of life such as retirement): analyzing my current situation, creating my project according to my desires, skills and experiences with a beginner's mind, eliminating the obstacles preventing me from moving forward, and putting in place a project that makes sense to me and motivates me.

  • Strengthening my self-confidence: learning to be kind to myself, recognizing my qualities and skills, calming my worries, facing my fears, revealing my light, contributing to my personal fulfillment, allowing myself to be myself.

Whether it is for you or your team, by choosing coaching with me, we will cocreate a regular and serene space allowing you to progress on your objectives, whether professional or personal, improving your self-awareness and your connection to others, with a full consciousness of your inner resources.

Certified business coach, specialized in emotional intelligence development, mindfulness meditation facilitator, having started her career as a pharmacist and then in the digital and e-commerce sector, including several years in the United States, I provide you with my toolbox and my professional and personal background, my compassionate listening, to help you identify where you want to go and accompany you in finding out how to get there.


I currently work via videoconference, in France and globally (I am bilingual French-English) and in-person in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (Hauts-de-France). I travel for coaching, workshops, and business conferences.

  • Services to individuals: individual, business and personal development coaching. A coaching process generally lasts between 6 and 12 sessions of 1h15, after a complimentary preliminary interview to clarify your objectives, discuss precise modalities and validate whether we wish to work together. Contact me to schedule your first session.

  • Services to companies:

  1. Coaching: career coaching, management coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching. Contact me to discuss my working approach and work out a schedule and quote together.

  2. Emotional intelligence development workshops and programs: experiential workshops tailored to your ecosystem and your needs. I develop tailor-made programs on the theme of being yourself by developing your emotional intelligence, focusing on the development of attention, stress management, your emotions, and those of your collaborators to accelerate the implementation of more humanity and meaning in the heart of the organization and thus increase the physical and mental well-being of employees, employers, managers and the performance of the company. Specifically, I offer the following workshops: managing emotions, stress management, mindful communication (non-violent communication), introduction to mindfulness meditation and the basics of emotional intelligence. Contact me to discuss my working approach and work out a schedule and quote together.


Feel free to contact me to set up a preliminary meeting if you wish to start a coaching process for yourself, or to develop a schedule and discuss a price estimate for the coaching of your teams or the creation of specific workshops or programs on emotional intelligence development.


Testimonial from a coaching client

Colombe P.

I benefited from Sonia's coaching for a few weeks when I was in the middle of a professional transition and full of doubts. Coaching is not a miracle method; it is a lengthy effort that goes deep within us. This is, in my eyes, the whole point of coaching. The transformations are done in a progressive way. The questions Sonia asked me allowed me to lay the new foundations of my professional identity. Her listening skills and her caring attitude allowed me to undertake real work on myself. I highly recommend Sonia's services to anyone who wants to take back control of their life and understand certain patterns of functioning.

"The role of leaders is not to get other people to follow them but to empower others to lead."

Bill George - Harvard Business School - former CEO of Medtronic

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