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Mindfulness meditation is a practice that allows the development of emotional intelligence. It improves our mental health, just as sport improves our physical health. Do you need enhanced clarity of mind for improved decision-making and adequate stress management? I accompany you in the exploration, initiation, and practice of meditation.

Beyond being an extremely powerful coaching tool, mindfulness meditation is a philosophy of life.

The word "meditation" encompasses a wide variety of practices, such as transcendental meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being aware and alert, intensifying your presence in the moment, and letting go of automatic thought patterns to pause, feel, welcome and connect with the present-moment experience. This is what is happening now, if, while continuing to read these lines, you are aware that you are also breathing, having body sensations, hearing sounds around you, noticing the thoughts passing about what you are reading. It is attention to the experience, without filter (we accept what arises), without judgment (we don't determine if it is good or bad, wanted or not), and without expectation (we don't seek something specific). It is a quality of awareness with no engagement in thoughts. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, "Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

This involves three important parts. Intention (purpose): Often we are lost in thought, or we say or do things on autopilot mode. In being mindful, our intention is to stay in tune with what is happening. Attention (present moment): Often we spend a great deal of our time worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. With mindfulness we bring our attention to the present moment. Attitude (non-judgmentally): By letting go of our tendency to judge, control or influence, we can welcome freedom, wisdom and inner peace.

Mindfulness meditation is an exercise for the brain. Each time our attention wanders and we bring it back to its object of attention (breath, sound, smell, body sensations, etc.), it is like stretching the biceps, the "muscle" of the attention becomes stronger. It is also a daily mental health routine. Like taking a shower to maintain your body clean, practicing meditation maintains your mental health. Morning meditation is like showering to physically set us up for the day. Evening meditation is like a shower to cleanse us from the day and establish a relaxation routine before bed.

Proven today by neurosciences, mindfulness meditation has, among other things, positive impacts on health such as the regulation of blood pressure, increased immune system, or anti-aging. The foundations of its practice are based on seven fundamental attitudes, interdependent, providing answers to many of the difficulties we encounter in day-to-day life, by tapping into our inner resources which contribute to our well-being:

  1. Non-judging: to observe our experiences with impartiality, without interpretation, by deactivating the automatic pilot

  2. Patience: to accept that things unfold at their own pace, without pushing, by appreciating the now

  3. Beginner's mind: to always look at things with fresh eyes, without preconceived ideas or beliefs, to view things as they are

  4. Trust: in one's intuition, in one's own power, in the ability to feel one's limits, in others, in life

  5. Non-Striving: non-doing, simply being oneself, not trying to get anywhere else, and not forcing a result

  6. Acceptance: to accept things, as they are, a dynamic attitude in line with our values

  7. Letting-Go: non-attachment, to notice our reactions of attraction and rejection in our inner experiences, to allow what is present to be

Mindfulness is a set of practices that allow us to focus on the body, the mind and the emotions. By listening to the three dimensions, we can obtain more clarity, less stress, and more integration through the body, thus a deeper solution. The intellect is the gateway to understanding; in meditation we approach the practice through the body and the breath.


  • Sleeping better: setting up a ritual, calming my mind and being present in my body, letting my body and mind surrender, replacing mental ruminations with positive feelings.

  • Managing stress: becoming more aware of myself through the feelings of emotions in my body, training the three pillars of intention/attention/attitude, removing the different layers of fear to solely keep the good stress of the present moment, source of productive motivation.

  • Calming digestive disorders, the intensity of physical pain: welcoming my painful sensations with kindness, continuing to be active while finding the right balance, learning to listen to the messages of my body, strengthening my brain to develop a greater acceptance of pain, and freeing myself emotionally.

  • Optimizing the athlete's mental preparation: improving my concentration, regaining calm, being in the present moment, managing risk-taking, controlling my emotions, and using the power of intention and visualization.

  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown and change: becoming aware of my auto-pilots and unconscious conditioning, identifying my fears, learning to tame them by developing my courage and detachment, improving my confidence with compassion, and revealing my identity.


I currently work via videoconference, in France and globally (I am bilingual French-English) and in-person in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (Hauts-de-France). I travel for workshops and business conferences.

  • Walking meditation in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, on the beach (or in the forest) or at the golf course. 15€ (reduced rate) - 20€ (standard rate) - 25€ (support rate).

  • Meditation sessions at Le Touquet Golf Resort. 15€ (reduced rate) - 20€ (standard rate) - 25€ (support rate).

  • Mindfulness meditation Initiation Programs: 8 sessions of 1.30 hours, at Le Touquet golf course. 300 euros.

  • Mindfulness meditation Initiation Programs: 8 sessions of 1.30 hours, in videoconference. 300 euros.

  • Tailored Initiations, Individual sessions of meditation, practice and learning. By video, wherever you are.

  • Mindfulness in Coaching: a specific program for coaches who wish to enhance their coaching practice by integrating meditation and mindfulness tools for themselves, the coachee and the collaborative relationship. Meditation cycles and training for business and personal development coaches. Contact me to find out when the next group will take place, by videoconference.

  • Mindfulness meditation workshops for companies: experiential workshops tailored to your company ecosystem (hospitals, schools, universities, businesses) and according to your needs (emotions management, stress management, conscious communication, better relationships and connection to others). Contact me to develop a schedule and discuss a price estimate.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to discover, deepen, maintain your practice, or practice meditation for yourself, during a company conference, or in your professional environment.


Testimonial from a meditation client

Nathalie D.

I contacted Sonia for individual coaching and for a first approach to the development of self-awareness through mindfulness and neuroscience. This approach was guided by a need to regain confidence in my abilities after a burn-out and to reduce the stress related to a busy phase from a physical and emotional standpoint. I really appreciated the care that Sonia took in the preparation and follow-up of each session. These sessions are tailor-made and each client benefits from genuine guidance. I recommend her services to individuals as well as companies for team coaching sessions or the development of emotional intelligence among peers. In addition to her technical skills, her kindness is a great booster.

"If, from the age of 8, we taught meditation, we could eliminate violence in the world in a single generation."

Tenzin Gyatso - XIV Dalaï Lama - Nobel Peace Prize

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